The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa

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“Jones has found a neglected piece of history and treated it with originality and insight, fleshing out his story with a full, lovely portrait of an isolated Mexican community in the old Southwest. …compelling… his debut announces a fine talent.”                                               

Booklist *Starred Review*

The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa is a gritty, hard driving novel of difficult decisions and their violent consequences.  It marks the first appearance by Adam James Jones, a novelist with a powerful voice and taut, graceful prose.
You will not forget this book.
– Thomas Cobb, author of Crazy Heart and With Blood in Their Eyes

Superb! Jones unearths a strange but true tale and, with an insider’s feel for the land, people and soul of the American West, crafts it into a riveting Western. Populated with real people, places and events drawn from history, The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa treks the dark-side of nation-building in a story of resistance and messianic revenge, violence and virtue. In the process, Jones delivers a story that is not only a thrilling page-turner but, in this world of war, resistance and displaced populations, a story that deserves to be pondered long after the last page.
– Dan Schultz, author of Dead Run: The Murder of a Lawman and the Greatest Manhunt of the Modern American West

Fact and fiction blur seamlessly together. The authenticity of this epic historical novel is due in large part to Jones’s meticulous care with the colliding cultures–Anglo-American, Mexican and Native American–and his obvious respect for the beauty, fierceness and mysticism of his setting. In Jones’s hands, Felipe is just as capable of passion, devotion and fear as he is callousness, hatred and violence, making a simple black-and-white judgment difficult. This beautifully rendered macabre romance will appeal to fans of history, westerns and crime fiction alike.
– Shelf Awareness

“In The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa, a thoughtful, poetic first novel exploring the raw edges of wronged lives, author Adam James Jones reminds us that while some wounds never heal, passion and time can dull their ache, and promise will eventually return.
– Matthew P. Mayo, Spur Award-winning author of Tucker’s Reckoning

“Adam J. Jones’s debut novel, The Vendetta of Felipe Espinosa, is a welcome and explosive entrance into the canon of fiction that celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of the American West. His unique and original voice is fearless, relentless, and breathtaking. All of the ingredients needed to deliver an emotional and immersive experience for any reader lucky enough to wrap themselves up in this story. Don’t miss out… it’s a remarkable first novel.”
– Larry D. Sweazy, multiple-award winning author of Vengeance at Sundown

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