Histories and Legends

Welcome to the Rocky Mountains, home of bandits and bounty hunters; trappers and tommyknockers; scouts, searchers and skinwalkers. Within these peaks live the stories of fabled golden cities, long-lost Confederate treasure, a dancehall girl who braved an epidemic, and shape-shifting spirits that haunt the desert, just to name a few. This page is dedicated to these stories.

2 thoughts on “Histories and Legends

  1. my father told me a story about Bandit Mountain, near Bailey, Colorado. There was a stage hold up, and the perpetrators buried the gold somewhere on Bandit Mountain. They drew a map so they could find it, but by the time they went to pick up the buried gold, there had been a forest fire, and their landmarks were no longer there. As far as he knew the gold was still buried somewhere on Bandit Mountain. (That story was told to me around the summer of 1955.) 12-7-17

    1. Interesting. I could see this treasure potentially having belonged to either the Reynolds Gang or, even more likely given the locale, the Espinosas. Thanks for sharing!

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