They are accounts of nighttime drives on the lonely road between Farmington, NM and The Four Corners when, in the distance ahead, a coyote appears on the roadway, its eyes glowing in the headlights. Except that they are not coyote eyes, they are something else, something almost human, and when the car speeds past the waiting coyote the coyote bolts and begins speeding along with it, running at 60 miles per hour, its eyes still aglow in the headlights. The driver looks away and presses pedal to metal, and when he looks back suddenly it is no longer a coyote running at pace next to the vehicle, but a man. A man with the yellow eyes of a coyote fixed on the driver, one hand banging on the hood.

Or another story from the desert town of Tuba City, Arizona near Monument Valley, where a building contractor is doing repairs on an old ranch home. Thinking himself alone, the man is surprised to hear laughter coming from somewhere off in the sheep pens. Following the noise, the man turns a corner to the edge of the sheep pen where before him the entire flock is huddled shivering into one end of the pen while on the other a lone ram stands separated. He is standing upright, his two front hooves across his chest and his horned head thrown back in gleeful, maniacal laughter that is unmistakably human. Watching this, the man jumps and suddenly the ram spots him. For a fleeting moment the two lock eyes and, just like the laughter, the ram’s eyes are familiar and anything but animal. The ram falls back down to all fours and mills along as if nothing had ever happened.

They are stories of shape-shifting creatures across Navajo Nation, the 24k-plus reservation land encompassing most of northeastern Arizona and the adjacent corner sections of New Mexico and Utah. Skinwalkers are to many believers a taboo subject and seldom discussed out loud. The Navajo Skinwalker legend is not unlike that of the European werewolf: A once-ordinary human discovers the ability to shift into animal form. Unlike the werewolf, however, the Skinwalker curse is desired and acquired, that is, Skinwalkers do not have the bad luck to be “bitten” and forced into the curse. Rather, they want it and are willing to perform extraordinary rites of evil in order to achieve it.

There are multiple legends behind the origin of the Navajo Skinwalker. One claims the Navajos mastered shapeshifting in order to escape persecution and relocation — the Kit Carson-led cornering of the tribe deep in Canyon de Chelly and later their forced and disastrous relocation to Bosque de Redondo. Another version relates to the Navajo belief in the Anasazi curse — that the Anasazi were responsible for the prevailing witchcraft in the Navajo tribes — and that Navajo Skinwalkers used the off-limit Anasazi ruins and grave sites to gain certain powers.

The most prominent history of the Skinwalker tells of a particular form of Navajo witch, or an ’ánt’įįhnii, called ayee naaldlooshii, translated to mean “with it, he goes on all fours.” The yee naaldlooshii is usually a medicine man or high-ranking priest who has obtained supernatural powers through breaking a cultural taboo, including murder, seduction, or the corrupting of a family member.

Upon accepting this deep and consuming level of witchcraft, Skinwalkers are banished forever from a tribe (but considering the foreknowledge of this as well the despicable acts required for the transformation, the aspiring Skinwalker surely possessed an early, pre-seated hate for the tribe). Prowling alone in the desert, a Skinwalker (and also unlike the werewolf) has the ability to shape-shift into any animal they wish, although most commonly the animal is a coyote, wolf, cougar, fox, owl, or crow — a reason why pelts of these animals are widely restricted among the Navajo.

In animal form the eyes of a Skinwalker are distinctly human, while in human form this is reversed. Varying versions of the legend attribute Skinwalkers the ability to “body-snatch”, to take possession of another person’s body if that person locks eyes long enough with the Skinwalker. It is also said Skinwalkers, through this same eye-locking method, have the power to read human thoughts or even mimic perfectly the voice of that person, a ploy used to lure relatives. Skinwalkers are also said to use voodoo-like tactics to manipulate their victims, such as collecting a target’s hair, wrapping it around a pottery shard, then burying it in a tarantula hole.

Outcasts and pariahs, Skinwalkers assume begrudged and hate-driven existences, their spirits in constant search of revenge or else mindless harm. The more modest accounts of Skinwalker encounters portray them as mischievous, almost poltergeist-like. They will climb the roofs of sleeping families, bang on the walls and knock on the windows. More commonly though, Skinwalkers stories are far more malicious. In these accounts Skinwalkers climb roofs in order to seek ways into the house and attack the family, or else they assault cars driving through reservation land, causing wrecks.

They are described as fast and agile, ugly mutations that are not quite human and not fully animal. Usually they are naked but some sightings report a creature wearing tattered shirts or jeans. In some stories the Skinwalker is actually tracked down only to lead to the home of a relative of the tracker. Or, like the werewolf, the Skinwalker will be shot and the next day a Navajo will be found with the same exact wound, revealing him as the ánt’įįhnii. Certain Navajo myths insist that the only way to fully kill a Skinwalker is with a bullet dipped in white ash.

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      1. well my sighting was by my house in st micheals arizona it ran really fast my dogs were growling and barking after it ran away they all stopped

      2. Hi my name isTerry
        Iam from Cortez Colo. My hole family comes from Disappointement Valley since 1847 never saw any ski walkers but did see a big foot once. Up in the San Juan’s

    1. I live in the four corners area, I am not a Navajo but have many friends who are. This is something that brings fear to them and those who live on the reservation hate going outside at night. My friend who was driving through the Reservation said he hit something and pulled over to find nothing but blood and fur in the grill of his truck. He got back in his truck once he felt eyes watching him from the bushes off the road. He was told to be very careful that happened by a Native friend he worked with and now he won’t drive those roads at night. Again I’m not Navajo, but this scares me because of the stories I’ve heard from my friends and other older Navajo people growing up out here.

  1. yea their real for sure i heard of stories fr my aunts & uncles. i heard they cnt tell u they r skinwalkers cuz they will die or u can not shoot one cuz their spirit will curse ur family. its real & dangerous.
    they also use alot of dead things like shoot you with bone beads, they crush bones into dust . when skinwalkers shoot you with bone beads it won’t leave open wounds & you cant feel it.

  2. There’s skinwalkers on the Navajo reservation, but they’re on other reservations also…I’ve heard of skinwalkers out in Mochigan. So…it’s not just limited to the Navajo reservation.

  3. i had an encounter with a skinwalker while deer hunting, it came to my camp late at night. scared me to death. i was surprised to find out later that i actually photographed it earlier in the day.

  4. Sure. I just need some help with uploading it. Ok, So I made it back to my horse trailerafter scouting for deer 2 days befor the hunt opened, and ate dinner by a campfire. It was around midnight when I felt uneasy about something around my camp. I went inside the trailer for the night and I could hear people talking outside but I could not understand what they were saying. I looked out the window and saw what apeared to be 3 dark masses or shadows approaching my camp. This is where my experience goes to another level. A bang on the outside of the steel horse trailer, I have my 44 in hand at this point. Open up the door and there is no one there. So, I jump in my sleeping bag thinking that I have lost my mind or something. Then I see Something cross between the campfire and the window, blocking out the firelight. I peer through the window and see something big and black crouching at the side of my pickup. it looks up and ducks out of sight. I cannot control my heartrate at this point. I jump up out of bed because the trailer is being shaken by somtheing so hard and voilently I could barely keep my footing. As I look to the opposite window in trailer I saw something staring at me. I pointed my 44 mag at it and as I am squeezing the trigger to shoot it through the glass, it turns and I can hear it run away. Whatever it was ran bipedal with heavy footfalls. It left no tracks. I heard what I thought to be people talking again only this time up on the ridge above me but I could not make out any words or anything, like mumbling. I here to thuds on the ground that in the morning I found to be rocks. The window of my traler is right at 8 feet, there is no way I could look through standing only 6 foot. I am the only person on over 12400 acres of private property, there were no signs of another human being for miles, I spent the entire next day confirming this. Which is also when I looked at the photographs and noticed two strange photos. One is of something wearing animal fur with its head held low, looking up the mountain at me. the other is of a white feather tied to a reed or branch stripped of it’s bark. The day before all of this I saw 2 white feathers tied to similar poles just atop the ridge from camp only to be gone the next day. I am not american Indian, But I do believe that there was something else up there with me. I don’t know that I will ever go back to that place in north western Utah ever again!

    1. i would sleep in the truck next time with the doors locked and with the windows rolled up all the way. It can dangerous. You would not want to leave your windows even rolled sown alittle. They can blow some stuff on you that will leave you very disoriented ans feeling very sick. I am not sure what it is, but it will make you sick. I have had some experience with it and it was no walk in the park.

    2. They aren’t dangerous unless you’re a threat… But just like how there is good… There is also evil. Some are good and only want to protect their families and territory, but some are also evil who just want to cause havoc. You were possible nearby a reservation or something and they wanted to check you out… It would be considered their territory.

      1. I’ve read in a couple places that you become a skinwalker by breaking horrible taboos? This article also says that they are outcasts and pariahs. “Skinwalkers assume begrudged and hate-driven existences, their spirits in constant search of revenge or else mindless harm.” Maybe I should research more…

      2. I disagree with “they aren’t dangerous unless you’re a threat…” Skinwalkers cause harm to anyone especially family members. As it says above “high-ranking priest who has obtained supernatural powers through breaking a cultural taboo, including murder, seduction, or the corrupting of a family member.” They sacrifice the one they truly love to gain this power.
        They do many things out of jealousy and these are not no good people protecting any one. Skinwalkers are bad people!
        The good are the medicine men or road men who can heal these bad things the skinwalkers do. They are not called skinwalkers.

      1. or a Dog man, there are loads of stories of Dog Men on dogman encounters radio

  5. We are looking for eye witnesses who are willing to go on camera and describe their encounters with Skinwalkers in the Navajo Reservation region. If you are not willing to be identified, that is okay as we can conceal your identity. Please contact me if you are interested in being featured or know anyone we can speak to about this. My email is e.sabbag at cmjprod dot ca

    1. One day my dads friend I don’t know his name but he got some commotion out of his sheep one night,so he looks out his window and sees a red light running around his pasture so he grabs his gun and gets on his horse and rides out there, he lives right on a reservation. So when he rides out to his pasture the red light starts circling him and his horse so he shoots at the red light and it just zooms away fast, so earlier the next morning the police find a dead naked man the next morning that looked like he had been shot so he tells the police about his inncident that morning.

  6. I’m have a little Navajo in me and I keep on have a dream about a black wolf a deer and a owl does this mean anything

  7. Maybe they are not all bad having the gift to shape shift could be used for good to and bye killing a love one they could be killing a pet or a close animal and taking on its spirit

    1. I’m sorry but I’m 3/4 Navajo raised by Navajos, and my grandpa was a 100% Navajo, a medicine man. A pet is not used as a sacrifice. These things are not good at all. Shape shifting is not a gift. I wish people would understand this and stop saying they might be good. They are not! I have seen what they could do myself….

  8. Due to the public nature of the people I am about to discuss I am changing the names in this story:
    I used to work in the public sector in Albuquerque, NM. Some of my coworkers (both white males, no Native American ancestery) were adamant hunters. During downtime at work they used to regail me with stories of their hunts and about the adventures they had exploring NM. Before one particular Labor Day Weekend, on of the men, Joe, said he had obtained a permit to trap varmints on a piece of private land near Gallup, NM (Joe would skin the animals and had amassed quite a neat collection of various pelts). His friend, Bob, was going to tag along and record their escapade (they spent countless hours watching footage of them hunting various animals). All seemed to be shaping up as a normal Labor Day weekend for my close friends, that is, unitl the following week.
    When I saw Joe the next week I asked him about his trip, and he turned pale. Thinking he was ill I asked if he was ok, and he just stared at me…totally blank. After a little bit of coaxing he said “come take a look at my truck” without any reference to the events that had occured. So, I followed him outside and, to my surprise, saw incredible scracthes down the driver side of his truck. There were three of them, and they were so deep they penetrated the exterior steel, creating rigid grooves down the entire length of his vehicle and even tore off the cap to his bumper. Thinking he hit a fence, I asked if he had filed an insurance claim, and he responded with “insurance won’t cover what happened.” Confused, I pressed him for further information. He let the tailgate down on his truck, took a deep breath and recounted this story (paraphrased from my memory, but indeed accurate); “we had finished trapping for the day when we started hearing strange noises around the truck thirty yards away. So, Bob and I went to check it out and we saw a man staring at us from behind some brush, very close, like ten feet away. He had unusually dark eyes and looked upset. He was giving us the creeps, so much so that I shouldered my rifle in case he attacked. We tried speaking to him and he just stared back. Then, there was a loud screeching noise behind us. We turned around and saw nothing, and then looked back to the man, who had disappeared. We we very frightened, so we jumped in the truck and took off. It was getting dark, so I was driving slowly on the dirt road, when Bob noticed what looked like a huge coyote pacing the truck on my side. So, Bob got out the camera and began recording while I sped up. The coyote kept up with us at 50 mph, but I didnt want to go faster unitl we got to a paved road. Suddenly, the coyote began running upright and out ran the truck, beyond the headlights. As I slowed down to look around we heard a loud, shocking ripping noise and my truck swerved as if we had been hit by another car. Fearing for our lives, I began driving over bushes and cactus flooring my truck towards the paved road. When we finally reached it we drove straight to a casino outside of town, going over 100mph the whole time. When we got to the casion parking lot we felt safe enough to inspect the damage. Thats when we saw this.”
    My first thought was that Joe was pulling my leg. This was too crazy. So, I confronted him saying that he obviously hit a rancher’s fence and him and Bob just wanted to mess with me. However, Joe had some of the vidoe footage on his phone that Bob had captured, so he motioned for me to come watch. The footage showed Joe driving and Bob attempting to angle the camera over Joe (to see out of his driver side window) and out the back window of the pickup. However, the cabin light was on and the picture is quite shakey, so I could not distinguish anything out of the window, but Joe and Bob can clearly see it, and seem quite scared (with tons of cussing, moslty ‘holy fu**ing sh*t dude WHAT IS THAT!’). At the point in the story where the creature runs in a bi-pedal aspect in front of the vehicle Bob points the camera towards the floor of the truck and screams; a very frightful scream, especially for the manly hunter he was. But, on the recording, I heard a very violent thud and watched as Joe tried to regain control of the wheel, with both men screaming bloody murder, which correlates with Joe’s story.
    Since this event occured (less than 1 year ago), strange things have happend in the lives of both men. Joe IMMEDIATLEY gave up hunting, sold his truck and all of his rifles (I almost bought one). Since the event, Joe and his wife had a very late term miscarriage, he was usurped for a promotion at work and underwent treatment for severe insomnia. Joe never again discussed the story, and has since even changed his phone number and has become a ghost and completeley incommunicado. Bob also had some life changes. He, as well, gave up hunting overnight. When I inquired if I could buy his 30-30, he told me he dumped ALL of his weapons into a NM lake. About six months ago, he began having very strange issues with his lungs, and has since moved to a city with a hospital that specialized in treating patients with his disorder.

    So, did my two buddies encounter an evil skinwalker? I think so. Now, I am actually a bit of a skeptic, and an academic by trade and nature. But, I know what I saw, and I witnessed how the encounter affected my friends. Growing up in NM I had heard of skinwalkers, but regarded the stories as a tale used by Navajo parents used to make their kids behave. Now I think different. In fact, anytime I have to work on the reservation (which happens about once a year), I ask to visit with a tribal medicine man for protection (which they are happy to accomodate me with since I am working on their behalf). I am scared of the Norther NM reservation wilds, because I saw what it did to some of the toughtest guys I know. I don’t tell people about my now forlorn friends or about my own superstition because they will think I’m crazy. However, I have a new respect for Navajo tradition and I don’t set foot onto their land without proper blessing, even then I don’t stay past dark.

    1. Their story gives me chills…. Im sorry your friends encountered one of these evil beings…. they are no joke as everyone thinks its just a tale we tell. I have also had several encounters I don’t speak of. I would suggest u have your friends be blessed by a medicine man. Whoever they encountered is probably holding something of theirs to keep hurting them and as time goes by they will get worse.

      1. I have thought about talking to ‘Joe’ about seeing a medicine man I have begun to build a friendship with, but I’m afraid to bring up the story. He absolutely will not talk about it. And, he’s quite hard to get a hold of these days. And I have lost touch with Bob.

        Their story has caused me to research Skinwalker phenomenon. I know that it is taboo among Navajo tribes, but after watching the outcome the encounter had on my friends there has to be something to this (scientifically, there is a cause and effect relationship occurring with Skinwalker sightings and misfortune). I used to teach a class at our University, and I asked one of the anthropology professors about the subject, and even he was reluctant to speak about Skinwalkers (his expertise was studying tribal customs and rituals). With so much secrecy there has to be a stone left unturned; a variable that would shed more light on the Skinwalker. As research thus far has indicated, tribal elders feel this is a subject ‘better left alone,’ however with so many instances and occurrences from eye-witness accounts, should we not document the phenomenon, if only not to warn others?

        In the meantime I am inquisitive about the Skinwalker. Though I have yet to come across a Dine willing to talk openly, I think more information on the issue is necessary.

    2. My wife is a scientist at UNM and I’ve been an independent researcher into this topic for the past 10 years or so. One of her lab techs (who no longer works for her) was Navajo, very nice guy. After a few years of knowing him I decided to take the plunge and ask him if he knew anything about skinwalkers or “dogmen” His reply was, “I have no desire to discuss such topics–and you should not either.” It was at that moment that I decided maybe it wasn’t worth pursuing that area of investigation any more.

  9. ’ánt’įįhnii, I have read also could be understood as ant people. This is the best article on this subject, actually only article on this subject I commend the effort to bring understanding of this world to the public. Thank You.

  10. ca ’ánt’įįhnii,nt believe you found this article Tammy, absolutely true fact, also ant’jihnii also has been said to mean ant people, referring to other worldly beings. My secret experience with this subject now validifys the idea that one must progress naturally to holy state with God and not unaturally due to unwanted side effects of backward journey. I respect the Navajo tradition and history that has lead to my present developement at this time concerning the rites and passages of the people of this land

  11. My Father’s side of the family grew up in Blanding Utah, next to the Navajo reservation. We have always been told about skinwalkers, but none of them really believe in them. It’s just a way of entertainment. Except for my aunt and I. She won’t even talk about her encounter. However…

    I’ll never forget the time I saw one. My friends and I were being stupid teenagers (as most teenagers are) and decided that on a full moon, we were going to go to the Indian Graveyard, and tell some stories about skinwalkers. Not the smartest thing to do, but no one was really that afraid something would go wrong. Anyway, when the story was finished we decided to sit in silence and just kind of wait for something to happen (with the doors locked of course, we weren’t THAT stupid.) We were all freaked out by that point, but after about an hour went by we decided to drive away. My two friends were in the front two seats, and I was in the back. When my friend put the keys into the ignition to start the car, the headlights came up on a large wolf. Just staring directly at the vehicle. But the eyes weren’t reflecting the light, and they seemed strangely human.
    As soon as my friend shifted the car into gear the wolf cocked its head at us and watched us back out, and start driving off. Just at that moment it bolted after us. My two friends (who happened to be dating at the time) were busy laughing and joking about how scared they were when they saw the wolf in front of the car, and how it was just a big misunderstanding. I couldn’t laugh with them however, because I was too busy watching the wolf, running a long side the car. It was like I was in a trance, and I reached out and touched the window. Right at that moment the wolf’s head was all of the sudden pointing right in my direction. He was still running, and dodging things, but his eyes were transfixed on me. Then, he bared his teeth. And I couldn’t help but notice it was like he was smiling. Until I saw the blood-lust in its eyes. That’s the moment we reached the exit to the grave yard, and the wolf veered off like it couldn’t leave the grave site.

    Skinwalkers don’t always have to kill the people they mess with. But I wouldn’t put it past them if my life depended on it. Because it does.

  12. Hello I would like to say I Am sorry the comment before has been made up by me because It was a dream and I forgot to add this into my story. I was 9 and wanted attention of a sort. I would like to say that I am sorry about my dream. I have been taking guilt for lying and it has been eating me up inside I’m sorry. I’ve haven’t been able to post my sorry sooner because I never found the time to do it. Please delete my comment or do whatsoever. I’m sorry.

  13. I just moved to New Mexico. It was 1230 am in my house and i was laying in bed and saw a pair of glowing green eyes at the end of the hallway outside my bedroom connecting to the kitchen.
    I thought it was my cat, but then I looked down and all three of my cats were curled up on the bed with me….I got scared and woke up my husband and he walked around and found nothing.
    I thought it could be a demon or a ghost, but it was close to the ground on the floor like a cat or an animal, and then a native american lady told me to be careful for skin-walkers around these parts…..
    How do you get rid of the skin-walker?

  14. So I am partially Cherokee Native American and have been studying the occult for 6 years. I have encountered a single truly evil being. I’m not getting into that though. What I want to talk about is one night I prepared Sage tea and smudging bundles for heavy meditation. I very slowly felt my self sink into the ‘blank state’ of mind. Slowly I became aware of what felt like my body sinking into the earth. I could feel…… everything. Like being being every single ant in an ant colony all at the same time. Suddenly I felt my body explode into pain but it was good some how. When it stopped I could feel grass beneath my hands and feet that were now paws. Every sense was amplified incredibly. If I looked at a tree trunk my vision focused on it to where I could see every detail. I felt such joy that I lifted my head and howled. I can’t explain how it felt. I looked behind me though because I heard female laugh. A beautiful native American women in soft white deer skin was watching me smiling. She teased me asking if I enjoyed myself. Then I suddenly slammed back to my normal body and my eyes flew open. I felt so lost and sad. I was crying but I was both happy and sad.

  15. So I’m trying to research for my daughter as she has them in her dream and recently like a night ago had them reappear. She had a bunch of deer, one hare, and a horse. They shape shifted back to human form. She said their eyes are different. Yet they greeted her happily like a family to join them. Trying to find any symbolism to aid her. She’s writing the conversation they had for me. Any help?

  16. Driving up by the mesas. Literally 50 miles from the nearest anything. Me and two friends saw what appeared to be a young lady running and jumping over tumbleweeds in the distance. When we got closer it was as if she had timed our driving with her road crossing. As we drove past her all 3 of us saw her as a old lady. Like really old. Imagine the oldest person you can think of then add 100 years. I stopped the car to offer water. I thought anyone out in that vast expanse of desert would like something to drink. She or it had no backpack or gear of any sort. Within the time it took me to apply the breaks and get out of the car. She or it was literally a mile away. To this day I have no clue what it was. But I remember the vibrant red and green of her shirt and skirt. I remember her leaping and jumping, I remember her looking ancient. Then she was gone.

  17. I grew up in Page AZ. I saw them around a fire. They where staring forever into the flames.. Coyote furs on their heads and bodies. My Navajo friend and I where laying prone on a hill, a hundred feet or so above them. He motioned for me to slowly follow him away. I took a last moment and looked at each one. Then as I turned away, I knocked a rock loose and tumbled down. Yup, just like all those cheesy scary movies. As I glanced back, praying they didn’t know where that came from… My hair stood & my blood felt like slushy cold snow. I froze. All five of the naked men where staring right at me. As if they knew I was there the whole time. Then the tallest of the bunch pointed at me, & the rest just seemed disappeared. My friend screamed in my face & pulling on my arm… as I looked in horror. “Run!” “RUN!” he screamed in his native tongue. And that I did. I ran so hard through the desert. I thought I was going to pass out. The moon made everything seem to be alive, the sand & rocks seemed to be helping us run faster. Then I heard it. A laughing crackle, mixed with a howl of a dying coyote. Then I felt something touch my back and I started to fade into blackness. Then I heard my friend’s screams.. I could not understand him.. Then I followed his pointing hand. I could see his grandma’s hogan about 50 yards from us. That was are only hope. My lungs felt like I was breathing fire, my veins pounded like sledge hammers with every heart beat. But I ran. We crashed through the weaved blanket door.. screaming, and gasping for breath. We laid on the floor, I was still in shock. Just waiting for the coyote men to come bursting in… but they didn’t. Not even a sound. We both looked over, and his Grandma was sitting up in her bed. She was just shaking her head… like she was saying to us.. “you bad boys, I told you not to go sneaking about tonight” and she laid back down. So did I. Now an old Navajo woman follows me. All over the globe. If I am in one place for 6 months. I’ll start to see her. And she is always accompanied by a large brown raven. Always squawking at me from a nearby tree, or a building ledge. Then they will show up a week or so later.. They will show themselves just enough. They will haunt my friends. They prey on me when I am weak or tired. LoL Even in a war zone, where I used to work. Now they are here again, in Denver. The crow landed at my feet the other day. One eye staring at my soul. First time for that… Pondering what is next. Maybe its time for a road trip back to the rez..

    1. I live in Texas in a very rural area. I am not known to have Indian genetics but fin I am extremely close to thinking as most native americans do in a deep spiritual sense. I have had two different occasions of encountering shapeshifters and do believe they mean harm. My daughter’s were with me and they did not see as much of these beings as I did. Both encounters were While I was driving and was on the drivers side of my vehicle that I saw these creatures. Glowing eyes; abiloty to run alongside my truck going 70 for quite some distance….was not at all pleasant.

    2. I am from Page too… I had written my comment a few months,ago about my uncounted with a skinwalker. .. i was,looking for my comment to show to a friend and saw your comment.
      Page and the red surrounding it is a hotspot

  18. Ive seen a Skin Walker.. me and my friend were around 18 years old or thereabouts.. driving slowly out on a dirt road .. near Page Arizona , where we grew up.. next to the Navajo rez.
    He jumped from the berm on the side of the dirt road and over the front of the car .. like aprox 20 feet in front.. and he landed in the headlights .. my friend slammed on the breaks, we both sorta yelled from the shock.. the skinwalker sorta paused, raised up to two feet and turned his human face to the headlights, and then he took off running on all fours.. and was gone.
    We just sat there in the car, both of us yelling, freaking out.. ” did you see that?!” “Yea, I saw that, what the hell… it had a human face.. what the helllll!!!” .. of course we both knew of the skinwalker legend.. and there is no doubt in my mind.. none. That it was a skinwalker.
    I will never forget it.. was 20 years ago.

  19. do crosses affect skin walkers if a skinwalker is an evil entity should crosses effect the like demons or vampires its just a curiosity that i have

    1. I highly doubt it. An artifact like a cross would only mean something to a skinwalker if said skinwalker belongs to the Christian dogma–that is, if he/she achieved skinwalker abilities via Satanic rituals. The skinwalker discussed in this article hails from the ancient Navajo traditions, and thus only symbols from these traditions would have any significance to it.

    2. I doubt crosses would work(they won’t even work in demonic hauntings), If the Skinwalkers obtain their powers/somehow influenced/even possessed by demons then praying to Jesus (without any doubt in the mind) will work against a skinwalker or will at leas slow them down, I watched a lot of paranormal stuff with inhuman spirits haunting people and praying to Jesus in a proper way will slow down if not completely banishes the entity, If Skinwalkers are demon possessed then invoking Jesus’s name against them will work.

  20. In 1973, August, When I was 5 years old, I was visiting my father, his wife, & my newborn sister in Bangs Texas. I was there with my Grandparents.

    One late afternoon, I can recall snippets of conversation my dad spoke of about the sighting of an unusual creature that he’d heard mentioned numerous times, always seen at night outside of town. My dad really wanted to go seek this out, but wanted other people present as witnesses. I’m still surprised he talked my grandparents into the short road trip.

    What I do remember distinctly is that we took a ride later at nightfall, it seemed like we drove a good distance. I sat next to my grandmother in the back seat. My Papa sat up front. This was before seat belt laws were enforced. I would position myself as close to the front as I could, my body leaning forward between the two seats up front & I had my eyes set looking out the windshield, what exactly for, I’m not sure, it was an adventure!

    Eventually, my dad said- Look Dad, there! He slowed to a complete stop almost. I couldn’t get a clear view but, there definitely was something in the road. Some kind of animal. Just standing there in the middle of the road. They were trying to get me to get down in the floor board. But, I kept raising up to see it. My dad had stopped by now & slowly inched the car forward. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I’d never seen anything like it in any book I’d looked at, any national geographic, nothing. During this time, my Papa kept saying, come on, let’s go, & my dad wouldn’t budge. He wanted to get out of the car, but my grandmother insisted he stay- “What if something happens? We’ve got Mona with us, don’t get out, Jerry. Please.” My dad stared at it, & it stared right back.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It was part human & part animal. He stood on hind legs, but his feet weren’t in shoes & weren’t human feet, they were hooved like a goat. His body was hairy, from top to bottom. He had a man like face only with ears like that of a wolf or werewolf, & horns, I almost forgot those. They were short & nubby. Pants, he wore tattered pants. It seemed like a good thirty minutes or more. And then, it bolted off the road & out of sight.

    We sat there, in the middle of the road, still at a stop, & it was quiet. My Papa asked, what the hell it was, & my dad had no answer for him.

    Eventually, we left.

    I’ve never forgotten that incident.

    When I was married, I’d relayed this story to my ex husband. Before we divorced, we were visiting my grandfather after my grandmother had passed away & I asked him. PAPA- Do you remember when this happened, relaying the story as I could recall it. He was surprised I remembered & told me they never could identify what it was & that he’d hoped to forget about it, but never could.

    I was walking through a garden statuary, looking at water fountains & garden statues. I’ll be damned if I didn’t see a depiction, the closest depiction I’ve seen to date of this creature. I stood frozen. My ex asked, why I looked like I’d seen a ghost.

    That’s it. That’s just like what we saw in the road that night. He said -“Pan, you saw Pan?!”

    I guess so. It still bugs me. I’ll never, ever forget that experience as long as I live. I’m really glad too, that my Papa remembered the incident & that my story to my ex was validated.

    Have any of you had a similar experience? If it’s Pan related? Even better. I did a quick search first & from what I have read, no other reports like this one have been made.

    This aforementioned was a post I made in a group I’m a member of on Facebook. It was suggested to me that what my experience may have been was an encounter with a SkinWalker. After reading the very last section of this article? I have to wonder. I wish I had a definitive answer to what it was that we encountered on that Texas road.

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