Prisoner’s Cinema

Coming soon, the new thriller from Adam James Jones…

Savannah Unser is fourteen years old when her father commits a deadly arson attack. Now everyone is looking for Teddy Unser, army veteran-turned-America’s Most Wanted. They’re not going to find him though, not in the macabre refuge he’s built for himself deep in the mountains. And they’re also not going to find his two daughters, Savannah and Mía, for Teddy has taken the girls with him. 

Now Savannah must fight to protect her little sister while at the same time reconcile the nagging sense of loyalty she feels for her father. But supplies are running out, and paranoia is fast consuming the hideout. Confined with a madman, the girls have no choice but to use their wits and the land itself to survive. That and their unbreakable love for one another. Prisoner’s Cinema is a story examining the obligations of family, what we owe to those closest to us and what we owe to ourselves. 

Inspired by true events, Prisoner’s Cinema is The Shining meets Ruby Ridge.

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